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Michel Abstracto is an American, Missouri-based, illustrator and has worked professionally in sequential illustration for over 9 years, via digital art programs such as Clip Studio and Photoshop. Michel’s artwork is expressive, dynamic, colorful, and fun. He enjoys illustrating stories, and his work is influenced by cartoonists such as Skottie Young, Carey Pietsch, Christina Larsen, and Derek Laufman. Michel’s favorite book series is "The Adventure Zone" because it combines comedy with fantasy. Michel is a member of The Cartoonist Co-op and has been featured as a local artist in three local newspaper articles. Michel has been published by indie publishers such as Oneshi Press, Orange Cone Productions, The Grouch Couch Productions, Foulsham Productions, and several other self-published works. When Michel isn’t working on illustration, he works in the mental health field as a Peer Support Specialist for transitional-aged youth with first-onset psychosis and as a Community Support Specialist for an Addiction Recovery Center. It has always been important to Michel to reach out to people who are struggling and find ways to improve their lives. Michel also enjoys roleplaying, card games, and stand-up comedy. You can find comedic influence throughout his work.


- Comic Combat (Periodic Webtoon Comic) 
- Cthulhu Invades Neverland (Peter Pan-inspired Anthology) 
- Bonesmasher (8 Page Mini Comic)
- Nug, the Barbarian (5 Page Mini Comic) 
- Abstracto Creates Fantasy (32 Page Short Stories Comic)
- Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter (Modern Fantasy/Horror Comic)

- The Origins of Tarmucks (8 Page Mini Comic)
- Osyrnn West #1 & 2 (Fantasy Western Comic)
- Raven's Nest (8 Page Anthology Comic)
- Enter the Oneshiverse (8 Page Newsletter Comic)

- Mother (1 Page Horror Comic Sample)

- Oneshi Press "How To" (2 Page Instruction Comic)

- Borderline Nerdy (Webtoon)

- Meathead (Local Newspaper Cartoon Strip) 

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